Optimizing Brains: Understanding the Importance of Fuel

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This webinar discusses how to have more energy and mental clarity. Supporting the idea that the body needs food to fuel the Mind, Brain, and Relationships, we'll cover:

  • How food affects the brain, energy levels and mental clarity,
  • How to differentiate among trauma, anxiety and hypoglycemia, and
  • How to differentiate between depression and fatigue

Included in this is an overview of some key research, the physiology involved, and some tools that can be used to help people who need a little more bandwidth to lower anxiety and depression, decrease fatigue and end early morning waking insomnia.

Handout (click to download pdf)

Connectors Group Webinar, May 13, 2016

Table to Contents for Video

  • The overview of the research begins at 1:52
  • The physiology discussion begins at 9:27
  • An explanation of the benefits of protein begins at 32:17
  • Some helpful tools are provided, beginning at 49:19