An Optimized Brain allows one to accomplish many things:

  • Plan for the known and unknown future and act accordingly
  • Act independently as well as part of a team
  • Pause before taking action
  • Enhance communication with oneself and others
  • Demonstrate insight and intuition
  • Develop insight into people, community, and networks
  • Modulate fear in order to risk moving forward
  • Organize chaos and overcome rigidity
  • Manage stress better and enjoy relaxation more

Highly functional performers are the core of your company because they can navigate complex systems, spur innovation, respond to the complexity of the unknown and envision growth for the future.  Dr. Allott specializes in optimizing the brains of knowledge workers to increase innovation, productivity and responsiveness – and to help avoid burnout of your key performers.

Call us today if you have key employees or teams who are not performing at optimal levels or who have lost their creativity, boldness and clarity – we can help!