Part 1: Naming and Taming Anxiety

Recommended Resources


Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation by Daniel J. Siegel. Dan Siegel is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and co-director of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. Danl's work in Mindsight is amazing. He transforms science into useful tools, metaphors and acronyms so that the discussion can move beyond diagnosis to understanding to solutions.


Guide to Video of Part 1

  • Introduction and background on the Mind-Brain-Body Relationship connections (0-12:53)
  • Overview of handouts (12:53-21:57)
  • What do we know: research (21:57-35:22)
  • How do we understand it? Physiology (35:22-53:06)
  • Now what? 3-Day Protein Experiment (53:06-107:14:15)
  • Detailed explanation of Snapshot of Anxiety and Learning about Anxiety handouts (107:14:15-1:34:48)

Handouts for Part 1 (Click on the below headings to download the pdf)


  1. Do the 3-Day Protein Experiment
  2. Start working with the Snapshot of Anxiety handout either with someone you connect with or for yourself. See if you can begin to identify which symptoms occur at the different levels of anxiety
  3. Use the Learning About my Anxiety handout for three days, either with someone you connect with or for yourself. What do you notice?

Part 2: Eating to Improve Anxiety

Dr. Kristen Allott. Physical Causes of Anxiety: Eating to Improve Anxiety


Guide to Video of Part 2:

  • Introduction and Q&A from Part 1 (0-8:56)
  • How many of your buckets are full? (8:56-17:42)
  • Food Worksheet Packet:
    • Introduction (17:42-19:28)
    • Reading food labels (19:28-34:39)
    • Optimize your brain with protein (34:39-37:33)
    • How to eat well (37:33-42:09)
    • How to feel less overwhelmed (42:09-1:00:08)
    • Tips for vegetarians (1:00:08-1:00:49)
    • Treats (1:00:49-1:03:37)
    • Go-to meals (1:03:37-1:09:19)
    • Make your own salad dressing (1:09:19-1:13:00)
    • 3-Day Protein Experiment (1:13:00-1:13:13)
    • Track what you eat (1:13:13-1:13:26)
  • Scope of Practice (1:13:26-1:18:03)
  • Open Q&A (1:18:03-1:30:58)


Part 3: What to ask your doctor

Dr. Kristen Allott. physical Causes of Anxiety: What to ask your Doctor

Guide to Video of Part 3:

  • Introduction (0-0:55)
  • Snapshot of Anxiety (0:55-4:31)
  • Triggers and Tools (4:31-7:00)
  • Q&A (7:00-11:27)
  • Sample Letter to your Doctor (11:27-26:15)
  • Review and Discussion about Scope of Practice (26:15-33:00)
  • Review of full approach for addressing anxiety (33:00-38:02)

Handouts for Part 3 (Click on the below headings to download the pdf)