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On-The-Go Protein Sources


Sometimes, between meetings or when on the road, I need a protein snack to get me through until I can site down for a meal. If I know I'll be having that meal in an hour or two, something with 8-10 grams of protein is ideal. If it's going to be longer than that, I'll reach for something with closer to 20 grams of protein as a one-off meal replacement.

Protein bars that have between a 1:1 - 3:1 ratio of calculated carbs to protein, are made with real ingredients (meaning I can pronounce and recognize all the words), no artificial sweeteners (manitol, stevia, aspartame), and - for me - no gluten, are ideal. 

Remembering that calculated carbs are total carbs minus fiber, here are some of my favorite protein bars that meet the above criteria*. I have indicated which flavors I like, but note that there are some variations in nutritional values among the different flavors - so don't forget to read the label!

•  Stinger Protein Bars (Mint Almond) - 17 grams calculated carbs, 10 grams protein, less than 2:1 calculated carbs:protein ratio. Gluten free, but not hypoallergenic, Has chocolate! 

•  Zing Bars (Double Nut Brownie) - 14 grams calculated carbs, 10 grams protein, less than 2:1 calculated carbs:protein ratio. Gluten free, soy free. vegan. Has chocolate!

•  Square Bars (Toasted Coconut Crisp) - 21 grams calculated carbs, 10 grams protein, 2:1 calculated carbs:protein ratio. Gluten free, dairy free, soy free but not hypoallergenic.

•  Clif Bars (Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch) - 34 grams calculated carbs, 10 grams protein, ~ 3:1 calculated carbs:protein ratio. Has chocolate!

•  Clif Builders (Vanilla Almond) - 26 grams calculated carbs, 20 grams protein, close to 1:1 calculated carbs:protein ratio. With 20 grams of protein, this is more of a meal replacement than snack - but you can always break it up into chunks.

•  Rise Protein Bars (Almond Honey) - 16 grams calculated carbs, 20 grams protein, less than 1:1 calculated carbs:protein ratio. With 3 ingredients (almonds, honey whey protein) - this is as simple as it gets! Gluten free, soy free.

•  Kind Protein Bars (Double Dark Chocolate Nut) - 12 grams calculated carbs, 12 grams protein, 1:1 calculated carbs:protein ratio. Has chocolate! 

Other great on-the-go snacks are:

•  Krave Jerky (beef or turkey, flavored or not) - 10-11 grams calculated carbs, 10-11 grams protein, 1:1 calculated carbs:protein ratio,. Some choices are gluten free. Chewable!

 • Trader Joe's Nut Packs- Protein to Carb ratio will vary. Getting the individual packs will limit the unchecked grazing and prevent eating a pound of nuts -- which can be done in a day. 

Post a comment below to share some of your favorite on-the-go protein snacks.

*Note: I am not affiliated with these brands in any way.