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Short Cuts: Ways to keep your mind in charge of your brain


We all need routine to make our busy lives efficient. We need to put things on autopilot to function. But sometimes we become too efficient. Part of what governs what the brain does is “what happens together wires together”. As the behavior happens hundreds to thousands of times, it becomes a brain-habit and we feel uncomfortable if we deviate from it.

Examples of this are: We eat the same thing for breakfast every day, we always watch a show at 7pm, we have alcohol with every dinner, we do only one form of exercise… However, if we maintain three options for any given activity, we are more likely to vary our choices and not get bored and stop or consistently turn to addictive foods, screens, or substance.

So what are your three go-to options for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, before bed activities, and ways of moving your body?

To help you with the meal and snack options, we have handouts for omnivores and for vegetarians.