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Snapshot of Anxiety Assessment

In June, the Connectors Group discussed one of the assessments I developed for the book I am writing on Addressing the Physical Causes of Anxiety. The handout Snapshot of Anxiety Assessment reviews how to distinguish anxiety from functional hypoglycemia.

As I discuss different chapters from my book with Connectors, I am very interested in getting your feedback. As you watch the 22 minute excerpt from June's Connectors Group webinar, please let me know what you think, reply to the following questions in the comments section below, or email me.

  • How is the Snapshot of Anxiety Assessment helpful?
  • What new perspective will this Assessment offer your clients?
  • What type of client would this help? Are there clients you would not use this with?
  • What are the obstacles to integrating this into your practice?
  • How likely are you to use and share the Snapshot of Anxiety Assessment?

Dr. Kristen Allott, June 9, 2017 (22.30 minutes)

  1. Introduction: 0-1.11 minutes
  2. Part 1: GAD-7: 1.11-3.19 minutes
  3. Part 2: Mind – Brain – Body Symptoms: 3.19-6.30 minutes
  4. Part 3: Global Symptoms: 6.30-13.00 minutes
  5. Part 4: Functional Hypoglycemia Score or the “It’s not in your head – it’s in your body” Score: 13.00-17.37 minutes
  6. Identify what’s most important to you about reducing anxiety: 17.37-22.28 minutes

This webinar is also available as a Podcast.

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