Snapshot of my Anxiety: This tool helps us Name and Tame Anxiety, and can be for personal use or used when helping others. 

Home treatments for colds and flus: This handout discusses how to prevent colds and flus and how to feel better quicker if you do get sick. Common daily interactions, no matter how careful we are, lead to sharing viruses and bacteria. These invaders slow us down and can even wipe us out. This handout provides 6 simple steps to feeling better quicker.

Ecocycle Tool: Everyone has something that they want to change or start, but sometimes we get stuck because we want to get to the mature practice before we birth the change into our actual lives. We want perfection before we have process or we have a process that has become too ridged for dynamic change. This handout has helped Dr. Allott and her clients better see where they are in the change cycle and take actionable steps to move forward.

Steps to Evaluating Food Labels: 9 Steps to help you understand what you are eating.

Food & Body Autobiography: When we have spent years in conflict with our body and the food we eat, sometimes we forget where it all started. Who taught us how to have a relationship with our body and a relationship with food? Sometimes the seeds of those dynamics are found in our childhoods and early relationships. To go back and revisit those stories is not to blame or judge, but to have compassion for what happened to us as children and perhaps shift behaviors that are no longer necessary or no longer benefit us.

Optimizing Brains for Travel

Food Tracking Worksheet


The Connection Between Depression and Diabetes

Click on the link below to listen to a brief discussion on the connection between depression and diabetes with Dr. Kristen Allott and Aron Choi, a Bastyr University medical student.