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Connectors Group

This group consists of a wide range of individuals who are in positions to help other people navigate their lives better: mental health therapists, executive coaches, psychiatric nurse practitioners, supervisors and project managers, lawyers, teachers, and community organizers.

Estrogen: changing the brain and body from menarche to menopause. 

In May, guest speaker Dr. Miranda Marti will discuss estrogen. Estrogen heralds changes not just in the physical body but in mood and libido. It also has the power to shift focus for relationships and careers, and change the salience of what the brain finds rewarding and reassuring.  For some women, these natural fluctuations of estrogen throughout life are experienced with grace, while other women may find themselves driven wild or to despair.  Dr. Marti will discuss why this occurs and how we can support hormonal changes, whether they be monthly cycles or the perimenopausal transition, with ease.

Dr. Miranda Marti is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist specializing in the connections between women’s health, digestive health (the 2nd brain) and mental health. In addition to her private practice at Whole Life Medicine in Kirkland, WA, she leads wellness groups at a Seattle-based drug and alcohol recovery program and is adjunct faculty for the Bastyr University Health Psychology Department.

Earlier Event: April 14
Connectors Group
Later Event: June 9
Connectors Group