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Connectors Group: The Experiment of Self Care

Everybody is different. We now know that genetics and environment effect how an individual will respond to their experiences. For example, someone with significant trauma history will respond differently to low blood glucose and lack of sleep and exercise than someone who had a more ideal childhood. There is so much advice on diet, sleep, exercise, screens, alcohol, the list goes on. But how to apply it to the unique people we connect to.

Part of why I loved my training in Chinese medicine is that we were trained that everything effects everything slightly differently but by connecting and discussing the patterns with other practitioners, we learn what is true for the individual and what is more or less true within groups.

Join us to discuss how to set up experiments for self-care around food, sleep, exercise, or screen time. We will cover how to offer an experiment and what are the parameters that people can see a benefit for more energy and mental clarity. 

Earlier Event: November 10
Connectors Group