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Guess what? Their brains are in burnout mode.

We are in an era in which rapid social and technology change. These changes are challenging our brains, and threatening companies’ abilities to motivate and monetize human talent. With her deep understanding of how the brain and body work to stabilize the mind, Dr. Kristen Allott partners organizations stay competitive by optimizing brains for top performance and innovation. 

For more than a decade, she’s been a physician and national speaker on this topic, and has created effective trainings to improve cognitive performance and energy.

The challenge for a businesses and organizations with burned out employees is the effect on the bottom line. Kristen’s experience shows that when individuals understand how their brains work, they can individually improve their productivity, minimize mistakes and effectively communicate. Further, when teams effectively link and think together, they create a culture of productivity, agility, and innovation that produces significant results.

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