Three programs commonly employed by Dr. Allott are:

  • The PTSD Recovery Program, 20 appointments (every two weeks),
  • The "SANE" Program, Sugar Addiction to Natural Eating, 20 appointments (every two weeks), and
  • Case Management and Consultation, with appointments scheduled as needed.

The PTSD Recovery Program

This is a year-long program where you will meet with Dr. Allott every other week. The appointments can be 45 minutes or 75 minutes long, and are intended to supplement the work you are doing or have done with your therapist. The goals are:

  • a better understanding of the Brain and the Body
  • an increased sense of choice for self-care of the Body
  • better sleep, energy and mental clarity
  • shorter binge eating episodes
  • an increased ability to advocate for self with other medical professionals

A history of trauma can leave us feeling disconnected from our bodies.  This disconnection can prevent us from using our bodies to enjoy life as well as prevent us from taking care of our bodies.  Being unfamiliar with our bodies can lead to avoidance of exercise, physical touch, and relationships.  When our bodies are deprived of movement, relationships and touch, sugar and alcohol can become a substitute. Dr. Allott will assist you in improving your relationship with your body, which will move you toward a greater sense of choice, mastery of self-care skills, and passion for your own life.

The "SANE" Program, Sugar Addiction to Natural Eating

SANE is a year-long program where you will meet with Dr. Allott every other week. The goals are:

  • decreased fasting blood glucose
  • decreased hemoglobin A-1 C
  • decreased frequency of binge eating
  • a more developed sense of intuitive eating
  • a deeper understanding of the physical and emotional causes for uncontrolled sugar/carbohydrate eating
  • incorporating more physical activity into one’s life

Most people start the SANE Program worried that it is just another “Don’t eat sugar program”.  No diet program will be successful if it is based on don’ts.  SANE is different, because we are not seeking to just change your behavior.  We are seeking to change your brain so that it is easier to change your mind.  Our behavior reflects what makes us feel better. Fundamentally, we eat sugar because it makes us feel better.  Dr. Allott provides tools, practices, and experiments so that you can learn to have more energy and mental clarity within a time frame that your mind notices. When you feel better in your body, you notice and will seek to feel better again.  During our time together, we are working to:

  • increase energy and mental clarity
  • identify triggers that lead to sugar/ carbohydrate binges
  • create more healthy responses to cravings
  • support getting back on track when you fall into old habits
  • set up the maintenance program that you would have if you liked your body

How many months has it taken to get to where you are now?                                                                                                              How many months will you dedicate to a supportive process of change?

Case Management and Consultation

For some individuals, Dr. Allott serves as a physician consultant with occasional appointments, as you need support to understand and manage your medical care. She will also provide you with appropriate referrals to address your obstacles to health, such as physical therapists, massage therapists, and other specialists in medicine.