Snapshot of Anxiety Assessment - Episode 6

In June, the Connectors Group discussed one of the assessments I developed for the book I am writing on Addressing the Physical Causes of Anxiety. The Snapshot of Anxiety Assessment handout reviews how to distinguish anxiety from functional hypoglycemia.

  • Introduction: 0-1.11 minutes

  • Part 1: GAD-7: 1.11-3.19 minutes

  • Part 2: Mind – Brain – Body Symptoms: 3.19-6.30 minutes

  • Part 3: Global Symptoms: 6.30-13.00 minutes

  • Part 4: Functional Hypoglycemia Score or the “It’s not in your head – it’s in your body” Score: 13.00-17.37 minutes

  • Identify what’s most important to you about reducing anxiety: 17.37-22.28 minutes