What Impacts Anxiety - Episode 7

In July's Connectors Group we reviewed the Snapshot of Anxiety Assessment and then discussed the handout What Impacts Anxiety (WIA),  a worksheet that captures information about anxiety in a format that helps us see the daily pattern of how the symptoms of anxiety show up in our lives.

The focus is on learning how meeting the needs of your body, which is the power supply for your brain, impacts energy, anxiety and mental clarity. Since food, sleep, exercise, and our environment impact your body’s ability to create a stable platform for your brain and mind to work, they can be significant drivers to improve fatigue and anxiety.

Further, WIA can be used with other interventions to track improvement of the symptoms of anxiety, such as the introduction of medications, mindfulness, exposure therapy, and observing anxiety levels in different environments or around different people.

The WIA Handout can help you with the people you connect with understand their anxiety better, may they be clients, family members, teenagers and most importantly out selves.

  • Introduction: 0-0:21 minutes

  • Review of the Snapshot of Anxiety Assessment and Q&A: 0:21-20:28 minutes

  • Introduction of the new tool, What Impacts Anxietyand Q&A: 20:28-34:17 minutes