To address your fatigue, anxiety and/or depression at Dynamic Paths, you can begin with one of two programs. The Consultation Program or the Comprehensive Assessment Program.

Consultation Program

This three-appointment series with Dr. Kristen Allott is designed to help you dialog with and get more from your physical health and mental health providers. This is for people who would like to better understand the potential causes of their fatigue and depression and how mental health problems, nutritional deficiencies and physical health problems are related. Then, Dr. Allott will provide you with some suggestions about how to advocate for appropriate care and where, among the basic tenets (food, sleep, movement, and relationships) to direct your focus.

First Appointment: A review of your history, past labs, medications and supplements. 

Second Appointment: Dr. Allott will educate you on how to dialog with your providers to advocate for better care. 

Third Appointment: This appointment will be individualized and done as needed. 

Usually, in these three appointments, Dr. Allott will review past labs to see if anything was missed and provide you with a list of labs to ask for from your provider. A review of supplements and medications and education about the common nutritional causes of  

  • anxiety
  • afternoon fatigue
  • early-morning waking
  • fatigue

She will also work to refer you to appropriate providers as needed. All appointment are 75 minutes long. 

Comprehensive Assessment Program

This six-appointment series with Dr. Kristen Allott is designed to help identify the physical causes of your symptoms of fatigue, lack of mental clarity, depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain and other mental health concerns. The goals of the Comprehensive Assessment Program are to:

  • differentiate fatigue from depression
  • differentiate emotional anxiety from rapidly changing glucose levels
  • decrease afternoon fatigue
  • decrease early-morning waking
  • increase energy and mental clarity
  • identify the nutrient deficits which affect the synthesis of dopamine and serotonin
  • identify the physiological causes of weight gain
  • evaluate cortisol levels
  • assess for glucose control issues which can look like anxiety, depression, and bipolar and may be early stages of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. 
  • refer you to appropriate providers

Generally the six appointment series follows the following sequence:

First Appointment: You and Dr. Allott will review the intake from and any other additional information brought to the appointment. Dr. Allott and you will create an experiment to try between the first and second appointment. Generally this experiment is designed to address a root cause fatigue or anxiety. The appointment is 75 minutes.

Second Appointment: Dr. Allott will Review the experiment from the first appointment. She may assess your symptoms from a Chinese medical prospective.  Chinese medicine is 2000 years old and can provide patients with relief from their symptoms and provide unique ways of monitoring progress.  Chinese medicine provides avenues of healing that Western medicine does not.  Dr. Allott may also perform some physical exams to assess nutritional deficiencies and chronic disease. The appointment is 75 minutes.

Third Appointment: Dr. Allott will assess you for neurotransmitter deficiencies with a health survey.  She will teach you which neurotransmitters are causing what symptoms and will educate you on what specific behaviors and nutritional interventions might improve those symptoms. You will be given paperwork requesting laboratory diagnostic panels based on your symptoms.  The appointment is 75 minutes.

Fourth Appointment: Dr. Allott will review blood and cortisol panels in detail.  These panels assess whether you have the basic nutrients to synthesize dopamine and serotonin as well as appropriate cortisol levels, which can affect energy and sleep.  She will also assess your risk for diabetes, which is higher in individuals with depression.  Finally, she will prescribe appropriate nutritional interventions for the conditions she finds.

Fifth Appointment and Sixth Appointment: Dr. Allott will review your progress, make adjustments, answer your questions, address other health concerns and develop a plan on how to move forward. For individuals needing continued support, you will discuss with her who and where that support will best be accessed. Often, an individual will return to acupuncture with discussion on what predominate emotions may be arising in the body and what can move them to a productive understanding or action.  Some individuals continue with Dr. Allott, finding that acupuncture and further education and support keeps them on the path of healing. 

Connecting to the Body Program

For patients who have completed the Comprehensive Assessment Program, Dr. Allott provides acupuncture treatments to better manage anxiety, depression, and addictions which arise from historic trauma, eating disorders, addictions patterns, or other sources. Most people who engage in this program have worked or are currently working with a mental health therapist. Individuals who engage in this treatment are seeking to be more connected to their bodies, feel more grounded, increase there understanding of embodies emotions and intuition, and feel more at peace.   

Fees, Appointment Times, and Location

Fees: First Appointment: 75 minutes $280. After the first appointment, all 75 minute appointment are $240, 60 minute appointments are $210 and 45 minute appointments are $180. Payments can be made by cash, check or on-line bank check. Credit cards are not accepted due to the increased fees. An invoice can be provided to submit to your health insurance carrier for reimbursement. 

Appointment Times: Dr. Allott sees people on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Her first appointment is at 9 am and her last appointment is at 4pm finishing around 5 pm.

Location: Dr. Allott's office in Tacoma, WA just off of Wright Park.. She only sees patients who can meet her in her Tacoma office. She is not treating patient virtually at this time. For those outside the Seattle area, please see the online content in Food and Mood for resources that may be helpful.


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 "My speciality was treating anxiety. However after attending a training on treating the physical causes of anxiety, depression, sugar craving and fatigue. My clients using her tools and mindfulness improved much faster. Now to keep my practice full I am specializing in PTSD."  MO

"Kristen has been a generous source of information about how nutrition and physical activity can enhance my life and improve my mood and sense of well being.  She has helped me discover a more healthy approach to my life through encouraging me to develop a non-judgmental curiosity about myself. "  DC

"Dr. Kristen Allott brings all the facts with her, and presents them in such an understandable, practical, and encouraging way, our clients leave with information they can use immediately and the realization that they really can make a difference in how they feel right away. Dr. Allott is a compassionate teacher who connects with her participants and helps them make sense out of topics they’ve believed were overwhelming. We’re so glad to have her."   Amy Condon, Director Women’s program at A Positive Alternative