Dr. Kristen Allott is passionate about optimizing brains for better decision making, creative problem solving and improved health for individuals, communities and organizations. 

In a time when we are dependent on our brain to earn a living and track and cope with enormous technological, social, cultural, environmental and personal changes, we are struggling more with our physical and mental health than ever before. 

Yes, therapy is important. Yes, medications have a place. 

However, some people want to have Whole Health. They want to better understand their bodies and brains so they can more effectively create a life that supports their careers, families and health. 

They want to understand how the body supplies power to the brain and mind and and share how this is directly connected to how effectively people are able to engage in relationships and navigate the rapidly changing world. 

Recommended educational resources: A collection of videos, reading lists and other resources to help you to optimize your brain and body.

Education from Dr. Allott: A collection of handouts, videos, booklets and other online resources to help you to optimize your brain and body.

Opportunities for Online Learning

Connectors Group

This group is open to individuals who want to be their best self and help others to be their best selves. We meet online and the classes are limited to the first 24 who sign up.

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Laboratory Diagnosis for Mental Health

This group is for licensed medical professionals interested in using laboratory diagnosis and nutrition to improve mental and physical health. We meet online and the class is limited to the first 24 who sign up.

Reboot Groups for Private Groups and Organizations

Dr. Allott creates special online trainings tailored to the specific needs of groups and organizations.


Recommended Educational Resources

Recommended Reading

A list of highly recommended books that will give you insight into your Mind, Brain, Body and Relationships.

Videos from Researchers

Excellent talks, interviews and discussions by many of the same authors of my recommended books.


PESI, Inc.

PESI, Inc. provides cutting edge continuing education to professionals across the nation. Dr, Allott is among the world’s leading experts who have developed PESI seminars for mental health professionals. 

Although these seminars were not directed to the general audience, the information is applicable to any audience familiar with depression, anxiety, addictions and other mental health concerns.

Nutritional & Complementary Treatment for Mental Disorders. This is a six-hour seminar on DVD for $199.99.