Seattle Clinical Practice at Dynamic Paths

Dr. Kristen Allott has a clinical practice specializing in non-pharmaceutical treatments for fatigue, depression, anxiety, bipolar, addictions, sugar cravings, and diabetes. She works one-on-one with individuals in her office in Seattle, WA.

Reboot the Brain: Online Learning for Food and Mood

Dr. Allott develops resources and tools for individuals and teams to improve their mental and physical lives. Research shows that when we understand and honor that how we eat, sleep, and move our bodies, we have improved decision making, creative problem solving and health. 

Consulting for High Stake Events, Preventing Burnout

Speaking and Consulting

As a national speaker, Dr. Kristen Allott provides keynotes, workshops, and consulting on how to optimize brains for high stakes events and how to prevent burnout for CEOs and organizations. The focus of this work is to improve productivity and employee retention and prevent burnout.