Reviews of Keynotes & Workshops

Dr. Allott gives a competitive advantage

"Dr. Kristen Allott has spoken to 5 of my Vistage groups here in the Puget Sound area. I have also recommended Dr. Allott to several of my Vistage Chair colleagues both here in Seattle and nationally. The long term benefits to the companies, CEOs and executive leaders is that to be productive today and in the future, it requires attending to how they eat, sleep and exercise. The practical tools that Dr. Allott provides gives a competitive advantage in decision making, creative problem solving and health."

— Mike Huse, Vistage Chair and awarded the Vistage Chair of Excellence

She understands the Art of Decision Making

"When presenting to judges, you have to have the science on point and understand the art of judicial decision making. Dr. Allott does both! She provides judicial officers with clear and concise evidence of how decision-making is influenced by how and when we eat, our regularity of sleep and if we exercise. In the complexity of a full docket, the achievable tools that Dr. Allott offers inspire judges to understand that part of their job is maintaining their health for optimal decision making. One senior Judge commented at the end of a training that he wished he'd known when he started as a judge that taking care of himself was part of the job."

Kelly Warner-King Co-Director at UW Court Improvement Training Academy

Dr. Allott is at the top of my list

I have personally worked with hundreds of speakers across the country and Kristen is at the top of the list when it comes to performance, professionalism, knowledge and charm and this is reflected in stellar audience reviews. Kristen connects with learners instantly and is able to cut through the expanse of information to provide the specific content that can change peoples’ lives.

Michael Olson, M.S., MBA, Vice President of Sales and Marketing PESI, Inc

Dr. Allott was great!

"Dr. Kristen Allott was the featured speaker at the CEO-CFO Group luncheon and she was great! She taught us the difference between Wizard Brain and Lizard Brain and the signs of being burnt out. Everyone took away something from her presentation."

--Jodi Phelps, CEO of the C-Level Group & Marketing Director at Assured Strategies


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From Professional Healthcare Providers

More mental clarity, energy and stamina throughout the day...

“...Kristen Allott helped to clarify so much of the confusion that is out there concerning nutrition. She explained in a clear, down to earth way how food affects mood, why cravings for sweets and carbs can be so overpowering and what to do about it. By implementing some simple suggestions from the class, I found that I had more mental clarity, energy and stamina throughout the day...”

— Robin Maynard-Dobbs Founder of Aware Eating and Personal Coach

A compassionate teacher

“Dr. Kristen Allott brings all the facts with her, and presents them in such an understandable, practical, and encouraging way, our clients leave with information they can use immediately and the realization that they really can make a difference in how they feel right away.  Dr. Allott is a compassionate teacher who connects with her participants and helps them make sense out of topics they’ve believed were overwhelming.  We’re so glad to have her.”

 Amy Condon, Director of the Women’s Program at A Positive Alternative


From Dr. Allott's Patients

Patient and creatively persistent

“What I find most helpful besides Dr. Allott’s ever so apparent knowledge is her ability to be patient and creatively persistent.”

You helped save my life

"You and a number of others helped me save my life. Your willingness to try non-conventional things made a world of difference."

A wealth of knowledge

“Kristen is a wonderful practitioner, terrific listener, and a very supportive and encouraging spirit. She is a wealth of knowledge and gets to know her patients so well over time. She’s a breath of fresh air for me after struggling with the western medicine model. She is integrative, holistic and fabulous!”