Addressing the Physical Causes of Anxiety


Addressing the Physical Causes of Anxiety


We work with our anxiety and other people’s anxiety all the time. Anxiety can create challenges at work or within our family. We know what questions to ask about what makes us emotionally anxious; but what if part of the cause of our anxiety or the anxiety of the people around us is physical?

This is the recorded material from a three part online seminar on how to understand and address the physical causes of anxiety. This educational online material will give you new tools, handouts and information about taming the racing heart, racing thoughts, and racing feelings.

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The material includes recorded webinars and handouts from the three sessions:

  1. Naming and Taming Anxiety
  2. Eating to Reduce Anxiety
  3. What to Ask Your Doctor

Everyone who purchases this program will receive updated materials and will be able to interact with me about this content, by email, through 2017.

Based on the key educational points that I review with my individual clients, this content represents a value over $700. Your Cost for the full online training package: $150