Dr. Kristen Allott's clinical practice is dedicated to providing non-pharmaceutical interventions for depression, anxiety, addictions, sugar cravings and other mental health concerns.  

The benefits of seeing Dr. Allott include:

  • Improved energy and mental clarity

  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Reduced cravings for sugar, alcohol, or other addictive substances

  • Improved relationship with food

  • Improved relationship with exercise

  • Improved glucose control in pre-diabetes and diabetes

  • Bettered understanding of the brain and the body, which allows for better integration of the mind

  • Bettered ability to meet therapeutic goals in therapy, and to obtain an increased sense of fluidity in life

Dr. Allott’s office is near Wright Park in Tacoma WA. Her fees can be found in the Overview of Clinical Services. The best way to learn about how she may be able to help you is to give her a call to learn more.


What Patient's are saying about Dr. Allott

A wealth of knowledge

“Kristen is a wonderful practitioner, terrific listener, and a very supportive and encouraging spirit. She is a wealth of knowledge and gets to know her patients so well over time. She’s a breath of fresh air for me after struggling with the western medicine model. She is integrative, holistic and fabulous!”

You helped save my life

"You and a number of others helped me save my life. Your willingness to try non-conventional things made a world of difference."





Patient and creatively persistent

“What I find most helpful besides Dr. Allott’s ever so apparent knowledge is her ability to be patient and creatively persistent.”

A compassionate teacher

Dr. Kristen Allott brings all the facts with her, and presents them in such an understandable, practical, and encouraging way, our clients leave with information they can use immediately and the realization that they really can make a difference in how they feel right away.  Dr. Allott is a compassionate teacher who connects with her participants and helps them make sense out of topics they’ve believed were overwhelming.  We’re so glad to have her.— Amy Condon, Director of the Women’s Program at A Positive Alternative